Arlington Business Park is more than just a place to work. It links its community of companies together, connecting them through a series of outstanding on-site amenities, extensive events programme, all centred around its unique lakeside setting.



We are aware that many of you are currently working from home during these challenging times. We want you to know that Arlington is still here for you. We have daily exercise videos from Lake Fitness which can be viewed on their youtube channel click here or via clicking thought to our facebook page click here and Cafe @ No.10 have given us some great menu ideas that can also be found on Facebook.


Still enjoy and take part in our events programme but from the comfort of your own home. To book on to this event email: with the event name, your full name, your company and company building number.

Your email requesting a place does not confirm your space. You are only confirmed as booked on the event once you have received an email confirming your place. Zoom details will be send over to you prior when available to join the online workshop on the date and time selected. Click here to download Zoom: Click here.
Spaces are limited to ensure interaction and connection and help you gain more from the experience. Unless otherwise stated, these events and activities are only for staff who work within building numbers 1210-1240; 1310-1330; 1410-1430; 1600, 1650.


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Storytelling for personal impact: how to tell stories to more others to action

We all tell stories every day, whether that be around the dinner table with family, in the pub with friends or with clients at work. What if you could take this innately human capacity and polish it up into something extraordinary? This is what you’ll learn in this workshop. Stories don’t just allow us to entertain others, they allow us to influence and inspire them. But to this effectively you need to know the simple secrets of all well told stories. In this fun and interactive workshop, you’ll learn:
> Essentials of structure: how using the right structure can help you grab and hold an audience’s attention.
> Detail: how to fill your stories with details that make them unforgettable.
> Emotion: how to elicit feeling in your audience, (and therefore move them to action.)
> Finding the Point: how to strip an idea to its core so you can express it with clarity.
> Delivery: using your body and voice to make your story sing
Date: Friday 22nd May
Time: 12pm-1pm
Improvisation for Business
If you think improv is just for extraverts and wannabe actors, think again. Learning improv skills can be a great investment in your career too. From marketers to management consultants, from start-up founders to the NHS, people are taking the skills of improvisation offstage to help them communicate more clearly, act more confidently and think on their feet. In this workshop, Steve Roe, founder of Hoopla-the UK’s first improvisation school, shows you how you can do it too.
‘Improv’ performers might look like creative geniuses, coming up with brilliant comedy on the spur of the moment. But they rely on some simple rules and techniques – ones which anyone can learn. In this fun, interactive and informal workshop you’ll learn:
Date: Friday 29th May
Time: 12pm-1pm
Considering outsourcing some of your business operations? Some commercial law tips.

Herrington Carmichael LLP Solicitors are providing a workshop on Considering outsourcing some of your business operations? Some commercial law tips. The session is FREE to join and will be run by Mark Chapman. Mark is a partner in the corporate and commercial team and is ranked as a recommended lawyer by the Legal 500.

The details for the workshop can be found below:

Date: Wednesday 24th June 2020
Time: 10am-11:15am

Join: Joining instructions will be circulated

Spaces at the virtual workshop are limited so please confirm your attendance by emailing with your name and company.


More events coming soon!

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These events and activities are only for staff who work within building numbers 1210-1240; 1310-1330; 1410-1430 and 1650.
If you have any questions about this please email the events team at

Making the most of the outdoors.

The Park’s concierge service organises a calendar of events, classes, competitions and games that bring everyone together all year round, providing a chance for employees to have fun with colleagues and friends.

As part of Arlington’s community, occupiers have access to all events, and are kept informed on everything going on in the Park through dedicated social media pages. Our concierge team are always on hand to answer questions online, on the phone or face to face.